Cannot access to ftp sites

Recently I cannot access to FTP site
same on Chrome and Edge, they asked me to choose an App, and I choose Brave, and nothing show up.

Can anyone access this?

FYI. Dissenter is the only browser working.

Chromium dropped FTP support:

Dissenter works simply because it’s abandoned and based on an old version of Chromium/Brave.

which mean I cannot see this site on Brave?

FTP is not supported anymore but you can use FTP software such as

same issue
i can’t acces schyte ftp

I was looking a reply for the same issue. It happened recently but I had alternative.
Seems that FTPs are totally disabled. Bad decision making.

Now I have to use or Dissenter or FileZilla Client, kind of anoying

The bad replay. It’s not interesting to customers, why big companies cannot make secure using of ftp. Delete firefox, delete brave, they are the same crap, if ftp doesn’t work.

Just open experimental feature and search FTP support, force enable it. Works with FTP Solid Explorer

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