Cannot access funds after getting new phone

I had accrued about $40 worth of BAT before getting a new phone. After getting the now phone and installing Brave, I set it up on that phone. However, the funds on the new phone started at 0, and I am unable to verify my account after an update.

I signed into my uphold account on my new phone, and it shows no funds. I signed into my uphold account on my old phone, and it shows $40 until I click on the link to view my uphold account, which then shows 0 funds also.

I requested help previously, and the support said that it will update on the 5th, which never happened. It still is not accounting for the BAT I accrued on my old phone. I also reached out to uphold and they said it is a Brave problem, not an Uphold problem.

It’s looking more and more like all the BAT I earned since November 2019 is forever lost…

Hi @Jamshab,
Can you log into your Uphold account via and not via Brave rewards. While in your Uphold account do you see your brave rewards card?