Cannot access brave password manager

Brave iOS app version - Version 1.15 (
iOS version - 13.3.1

I cannot seem to find the built in password manager. I follow the support instructions which says: Manage Your Saved Passwords

To view, edit, add or delete previously saved passwords in Brave:

  1. Launch Brave
  2. Open the Main Menu in the the top right.
  3. Click Settings --> Additional Settings --> Passwords

From here you can see two toggle options at the top and a list of all your saved login information by site underneath:

There is no Additional option, much less Additional—> Passwords.
What do I do now?

The documentation you’re referencing is relevant to the Desktop browser, not the mobile iOS browser. On iOS, passwords are handled on your device keychain – to see stored passwords on iOS, open you iOS device and go to Settings --> Passwords & Accounts --> Website & App Passwords

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The issue is with the browser. A box opened on a site for example, I clicked save log in info but it only saves the log in information once every 15 or so visits.
There is no password management in the browser menu so it renders saving log in information useless.

Is there anything to be done about this issue?

Can you confirm whether or not you’re saying that the option to save login data only appears every ~15 times, or that it appears every time but only saves ever so often?

Thank you for responding,

The number is a made up example. I didn’t count but it seems that I have to type out the full log in between 10-20 times, then out of nowhere the information is filled in & all I have to do is hit the log in key. This happens on my iPhone & my iPad but works as it should on my PC.


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