Cannot acces to my uphold account to withraw my funds from brave browser

I was checking my funds in my virtual wallet from brave browser and tried to withdraw my funds, and a message asking me to access to my accout to withdraw my funds appeared, but the access button does’t work.

Additional to that, the browser says that my wallet is verified, so I’m confused now.

Hi Bryan,
it says you need a minimum of 25 BAT, as you see you only have 0,250 in your account and 0,445 pending til sept. 5th. Simply not enoug!
If you still have the problem if you reached BAT go and contact the admins about that subject, they will kindly help you with this.

The message says that I need a minimum of BAT to create an Uphold account and I have already an Uphold account, so it shouldn’t have to happen this.

My guess is that also to withdraw you need to have 25 BAT. But as i mentioned, ask an admin they are pretty quick in answering questions like this and solve some problems (for me they did) on the fly.

@steeven please help us to clarify this

Hi @Javixe, please see - Update on Estimated Ads Earnings, and Payments not depositing to Uphold.

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