Cancel sending tokens within minutes


it is good if it becomes possible to cancel the sending of the baht within 10 minutes or 5 minutes. I sent instead of 1 bat 10 bat and can not cancel :slight_smile:



@tagd0tbutl0t As of now, there is no such functionality. If you sent BAT to a publisher it cannot be withdrawn/cancel within 5 or 10 mins. In fact there is no way to withdraw BAT after sending. From UI there is no such functionality.


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if you do it without a large load for the browser, it will be good. You can even send notifications to the user that his reward has been sent or delivered to the publisher if the user has not canceled it and change the color of the sign of the transaction. thanks so much brave team for this work, which you do!

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cc: @mandar @Asad could you assist the user.



Thanks very much for your feedback and suggestions; we’ll definitely take it into consideration for the next releases!

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@tagd0tbutl0t thanks for the suggestion.
The real challenge with the suggestion is our contributions are anonymous, and we have no way to be able to associate how to reverse the transactions - and that is by design. Our first steps will be make these transactions happen real time and eventually create a relationship between the user and the Publisher (still working on this). Once the relationship happens (and we do have transaction logs at the browser end to validate a payment), we may build out the needed toolkit to enable a reversal of transaction. Non trivial, though!

That being said, acknowledged and working on a more complete ecosystem where we can adhere to the Brave principles and still operate to the needed expected internet cadence for payments (especially).


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