Canadian here, can't withdraw to or link my bank account with Uphold, need an alternative platform I can transfer the crypto to so I can actually withdraw

I currently get my BAT from my phone and desktop paid to my Uphold account every month. I’ve been using Brave for a few months and it’s built up to a decent chunk of change, I’ve converted some to BTC and ETH and continue to hold some as BAT.

Uphold seems to refuse to let Canadians link their bank accounts or whatever so I need some other platform I can transfer the crypto to that would actually allow me access to the money. Wondering what my options are.

I plan to hold the crytpo for a while of course but would like to know I can withdraw if I decide to.

So you should be able to verify – Canada is a supported region so I’m not sure what’s happening there. If you want to send me a DM, maybe we can troubleshoot what’s going on with Uphold.

Alternatively, you can try verifying your wallet with Gemini which is also supported.

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Uphold Cant Withdraw
Uphold Cant Withdraw2

Even if they support Canadian banks in general, I don’t think they’d allow me to link my bank which doesnt have a SWIFT/BIC code.

I guess I’ll try Gemini if that’s the only option.

This is the first thread I’ve seen about this so I made an account on here. Another website I use swapped to Uphold as the only withdrawal method. I made an Uphold account just to realize later that they no longer support withdrawal options to Canadian banks. Apparently they did at some point according to some videos I saw online. Regardless Uphold support basically told me “We dont support CAD Bank withdrawals but you can withdraw to a USD Bank or EUR Bank if you have one”. Is there any way I could get my money out of Uphold?

If you haven’t figured this out yet, try this. And use my referral code! Since we will both get 25$ if you trade 100$ in 90 days. referral:

Use newton. It’s a Canadian Exchange, great interface, great customer service. You can do email transfers, etc. That’s how I do it.

Switch to litecoin, then transfer to newton.

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