certificate error

Example URL:

Sporadically, I get the above error when I load a page from the Government of Canada’s website. As you can see in the screenshots, the “subject” field for the certificate is some unknown brazilian domain!

I want to know why and is this a security issue on my end or theirs?

I scanned my computer with 4 of the best antivirus. I reset the DNS cache. I don’t think it’s on my end, I’m not a novice.

I don’t have this error with any other site. All shields off. Extensions disabled. Latest Brave version.

My OS is Windows 10 21H2, up-to-date. My main antivirus is Norton 360. No VPN. No DoH.

Also, if someone could contact the’s admin to report this issue for me, it would be nice.

Does the same error show up in Chrome out of interest?

Hi @RichardCoeurDeLion
I have the same issue, are you located in quebec region? What’s your ISP?

yes videotron, quebec province.

i’ve contacted the site’s admin, but haven’t got an answer yet.

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