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Anyone here in Calgary that would like to meet up to talk about Brave and other data privacy topics?


These types of convos dovetail nicely with cryptocurrency discussions - there must be a bitcoin meetup in Cowtown that’ll welcome these additions…or have you tried and they weren’t receptive? (if so, too bad; that’s narrowminded and short sighted and more of a hinderance than a help to building a new economic infrastructure…and those should be the key concerns, IMHO, especially there right?)


I have looked into tech meetups here in Calgary, but I don’t think there is one specifically addressing cryptocurrency, or otherwise not too active. I think there are more tech people working in this area in Toronto. If you learn of any group in Calgary though, please post here.


(you’re right; I’m lucky to live where I do in this regard)
why not start one? That way you can make the scope as broad or narrow as you want as it populates and evolves…
In the meantime, I hope you’re turning people onto the things we’ve discussed in this thread, applying a Canadian focus to the discussions