Can you please Unlink the accounts from my Uphold. Already tried unlink request


unfortunaly I am trying since a longer time now to get my brave browser to link to my uphold again.

Sadly it does not work because of the 4 devises limit (which is reached when you are a longer term brave user)’.

I tried also an unlick request which did not work and I responed to it and heared nothing back.
Trying to link for such a long time now.

Could an admin please help with unlinking all accounts to my uphold account so I can link my phone and my computer again?
This is my id: XXX Removed XXX

Guys comon… I am trying so hard for month

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I come to conclusion that brave is a scam company and has no interest in paying out rewards

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Scam project only lies.

As you see guys:

  • month upon month of unlink requests failed
  • email responose failed
  • this topic failed
  • “last day of april” removal failed

Brave is comitting fraud by not paying out the agreed value.
If you are using this browser you will get scammed by Brave.
When I have time I fill the sec papers

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Alright, it code unlinked now. Thank you, finally :sob:

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