Can You Please Add A Tool Bar


Can you please add a Tool Bar on top so I can quickly access my favorite site. I have in on my PC version but I don’t see it on the iOS version on my iPad. I didn’t see a option in settings to turn it on either.

Also, I would like to make Brave my default on my iPad but I think Apple restricts this.


Brave 1.6.5

iOS 11.4.1


Hi @Daram,

Did you mean tool bar that show your bookmarks? iOS version have no that feature, AFAIK.

But you can adjust your top site (thumbnail that appears on new tab) to show your bookmarks/favorites, IIRC.

Also, yes. You can’t change the default browser for iOS. But you can register Brave as link handler so any link that you click, will open Brave.

See End User FAQ · brave/browser-ios Wiki · GitHub



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