Can you boot Brave from the terminal with aggressive ad blocking turned on?

Hello. I’m working on a project where I’d like to boot a vanilla install of Brave via Playwright with aggressive ad blocking turned on from the start. Is there a command line flag or config file trick that will allow this?

Thanks for reaching out.
I’m actually not sure if such a command exits — good question. Let me reach out and see what the team says.


What do you mean by “vanilla” install of Brave?, I am assuming you meant a completely fresh unmodified Brave installation.

If you desire to use Brave Shields with Aggressive Ad Blocking turned on each time you open Brave, all you need to do is:
Click on Brave Preferences>Scroll down the column on the left>Click Shields>Scroll down the page until you find “Trackers & Ads Blocking”> Click the drop down menu and set it to “Aggressive”.

Then each time you open Brave the Shields will function with the desired “Aggressive” Ad Blocking turned on.

By vanilla I mean an unconfigured fresh download installed via an automated script.

I understand well how to turn on aggressive ad blocking via the pulldown menus. That will not solve my problem in this case, however.

In this circumstance I am seeking to write an automated computer script that opens the newly installed, unconfigured Brave installation. I’d like it to use aggressive blocking out of the box without any human intervention at all. My question is all about automation.

My hope is that some configuration file or other option can be provided to the brave-browser binary file that can boot the browser from a terminal. If such a thing does not exist, I think you should considering adding it. Many configuration options for Brave and other browsers are configurable in this way.

Thank you! Let me know if you hear anything.

Unfortunately it does not appear that this type of cmd line flag exists at this time.

Thanks. Is the aggressive setting stored in a config file linked to a user’s profile? Would it be possible for me to drop that into the right location to configure the browser automatically?

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