Can we please have uphold alternatives to claim BAT?

The primary reason I joined Brave was to get free crypto that was suggested to be easily transferable to a bank account via Uphold. That isn’t the case. It took weeks of going back and forth with Uphold support because they couldn’t exactly tell me why my account couldn’t be verified despite providing everything they requested and when I do get to the point where it’s verified and after I’ve invested some of my BAT back into crypto they randomly tell me my account is cancelled and now they’re making it near impossible to get any of the crypto back.

When can we expect an alternative from uphold? Many other users are experiencing similar issues not only in the brave community but on the play store as well.

If the Dev team behind this browser is truly “Brave” then they’d at least have the courage to stand up to Uphold for abusing their users uncontested or provide a different method of claiming BAT without the use of a third party that acts with unclear motives and bias.

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Gemini coming soon, and Brave Reddit page says they will eventually have their own wallet. So change is coming.

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Thank you High Priestess

For all future and current Brave users: STAY AWAY FROM UPHOLD. They will steal your crypto and make it impossible to get back for no other reason than “well we had to make a difficult decision”

That very decision being… End their account and take their money.

Never trust uphold

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