Can we please get Substack connected to Brave Creators Rewards?

Please and thank you for all your hard work.

Also . . . is it just me, or does this Community page not work in Brave Browser? I had to switch to Safari to make this post . . . .

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Just seen this post on point:

Good to see it’s already under consideration. Substack tips would be huge and I hope it’s prioritized.

It’s just you. If you are having issues, may want to try in Private Window or new browser profile as a test to see if extensions are a problem or something in your settings (something as cookies or cache). But I’m able to use on Desktop, Android, and iPhone all with no issues.

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Substack has a minimum subscription of $5/month or $30/year, which is more than a lot of people would like to pay when they are new readers. Adding the ability to tip people under $5 for one-off articles would be great for Substack contributors and would be good for Brave users too as they will get to see more independently produced content if the integration is publicized.

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