Can Venezuela no longer receive ads from the Brave browser?

Before the ads came to me from the browser, payments came to me normally, but since two days ago, ads stopped coming to me, I started to investigate and from what I see it seems that Venezuela was removed in the section to receive ads, my The question is: Will they be able to go back to Venezuela to receive announcements?

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Yes. The page you shared above are list of Supported Countries with Active Campaigns. Supported countries with no active campaign not listed there.

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So does that mean we should wait for an active campaign again? And how long would it take for another campaign to activate?

Active campaign mean when the advertisers running their ad campaigns and targeting a users from selected country – in this case Venezuela.

For how long, I’m afraid I can’t give a number. Like I said, it’s depends on the advertisers themselves. If no advertisers targeting Venezuela users, I think you’ll wait longer.

Brave Ads is a new platform. And I believe it’ll growing. Just need more times.


Buen dia mi pana, lo que pasa que en ese listado que publicas salen los Grupos del 1 al 4 y venezuela esta ubicada en el Grupo 5.

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Brave was an advertiser in Venezuela.

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Buenas tardes amigos de Brave Community, les escribo para informarles que Brave Software International esta cumpliendo con sus compromisos pendientes y esta pagando las deudas en Bat que tenia pendiente, aqui les dejo una prueba de pago.

Si, ahora no se cuenta los bat de los anuncios

A mi me debian al cambio 300$ y me han pagado 150$, aun me deben pero ya es un avance.