Can users prove they've contributed to a publisher / content creator in the past?



Since user contributions through Brave Payments will be done anonymously with ZKPs, there won’t be any way of associating who donated to whom. However, is there a way of getting that information (perhaps from the user?). For example, will Brave Payments have some kind of API that allows a website or web app to ask the user to verify his/her transaction statements over the past x months to verify if he/she has actually donated to some specific YouTuber?

I ask this because Patreon gives perks to patrons. For instance, you can give your patrons early access to videos or other exclusive content. That’s at least some part of the reason why people are extra happy to donate via Patreon. If developers could have access to this data (with consent from the user), then they can build apps for perk systems and so on. (I would be interested in building this, for example.) Is this possible, or would you always need to pay upfront with the Brave wallet?


cc @mrose for a reply.

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