Can use brave rewards in beta version but can't in release version

First of all, I have been trying to use Brave rewards for a while, without any result. Anyway, I have a new computer since 1 month ago and I could only access the rewards program the first day (I installed Brave the same day I got the laptop), since the following days I only got a message saying that Brave is not available in my region (which is a mistake, because I am in an available region: Peru).

Now, after searching for a solution in for a month without finding it exhausting all my hopes, I decided to go for my last option. I installed the Brave beta, only to find myself with the surprise that… I can now use Brave’s rewards. However, it only seems to be usable in this version.

How do I fix this bug? I don’t want to have to install 2 versions of brave just to be able to use brave rewards.

Edit 1:
Ok, this is becoming weird. What i couldn’t achieve in 1 month just did it after downloading brave beta. Now i’m able to use brave rewards in release version, and also I’ve more questions: If I unnistall brave beta won’t be able again to use brave rewards?, what caused this in the first case?, What i can do if it happens again?

Edit 2:
It’s been 30 minutes since the last edition of this post, I’ve been enjoying the taste of victory until I realize that, despite having already seen about 4 ads, I’ve earned absolutely nothing.

Edit 3:

Just uninstalled brave beta, for now nothing happened.

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