Can The Government See Our History?

When using brave on normal mode no private tab or tor tab can we still browse and have our privacy like for an example, can the government see our search history if we looked up porn or 18+ stuff if they can’t see it than Brave is 100% Freedom giving us our privacy.

Are you asking if a third party can correlate the sites you visit to your computer? If your answer is yes, then the answer to your question is “yes”

To circumvent that, you’ll need a VPN. (like Tor, or a reliable VPN service).

government does not need to check your browser history they can check the site you visit from the isp you use even some government use low level packet inspect to paybass the tor and vpn option

and if any govenment are tracking you particurlay no tool or browser would help you unless if you have a lot of technical and they not expert

so do not think that privacy or security is about one or 2 tools

cause they are a process not a tool

and have a nice day

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So what your saying is they can’t see our Brave History right?

i am saying that maybe your isp record the sites you visit and in that case your browser history is useless

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Hi @ClawBladesrt

On this topic and if you didn’t see it yet, I suggest you to watch “Citizen Four” from Laura Poitras:

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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