Can the devs increase the amount of BAT per ad, given the current prices

Just a quick thread to ask if the devs can increase the amount of BAT recieved per ad due to the state of the crypto markets right now.

Hopefully it will pick up at some point, but for now it is barely worth having ads on for many people. Every month I get my 8-10 BAT and my total value is lower than it was at the start of the month, which means this is likely the case for everyone unless they’re using multiple devices.

Please discuss below with your thoughts


I don’t believe they’re wiling to discuss this matter.

It’s a Black Box.

Thanks for the info. I did have a look for a thread before posting but didn’t come across yours. It seems to have been ignored by @Mattches @steeven and the other @moderators

Hopefully we can get an explaination as to why this is the case, and if the price goes back up a guarantee that they won’t lower the revenue, at a minimum

There’s no explanation of formula, IMHO. It just seems arbitrary after all.

I actually think it makes good business sense for Brave to share as little information as possible. Yes, users would like more detail but so would the competition and there are probably fraud related ramifications if they freely provide their algorithms. I consider this information proprietary information and do not expect Brave to provide that type information freely to the public (and competition).

Brave does provide some macro information that can give you a broad sense of how BAT is calculated and distributed on a per user basis. I posted a few links below to some various information sources. There are tons of other information sources out there if you are interested in digging it out including snips from podcasts, community posts here and on reddit, Discord, etc.

I think, for users, the main metric to work from would be the “A full 70% of the revenue Brave earns through these unobtrusive, privacy-preserving ads is shared directly back with users as Brave Rewards” from the FAQs in the Brave Rewards article.

Since Brave is a private corporation, you aren’t really going to know the exact sales dollars. However, there are analyst reports out there and Brave does provide macro information relating to ad metrics, number of users, number of ad campaigns, etc. that you could dig into. You could collate the relevant information from each source and crunch some numbers if you’re really motivated. :wink:

I think the decrease in BAT awards has more to do with the number of users opting into Rewards than anything. The more users the less BAT if sales $$s remain constant and even an increase in sales may not offset the number of new users opting in to Rewards.

Then you have to think about the fraudster accounts… I am sure that is impacting BAT distribution amounts too. Fraudsters are not just stealing from Brave and advertisers, they are stealing from the honest users too!

Again, all this information could be provided by Brave but isn’t and I don’t blame them! If it were my business I wouldn’t share any of this information either. lol I don’t have any facts to support my comments either. Just my opinion. I am definitely not motivated to dig into the information out there and find out if I can verify my opinion! :laughing:

Information Sources:

Brave Media Kit
Regional Catalog Viewer

Mostly for reference to creator fees if you want to dig into creator vs user payouts.


I guess it depends if they charge advertisers by the dollar or by BAT. If they charge by the dollar (which would make sense from a business standpoint and makes accounting a hell of a lot easier due to crypto fluctuations) then the amount of BAT should be increased as the values go down and decreased as they go up.
I started claiming the revenue when it was over $1.10 per token. As it stands now it’s just under $0.33 but the revenue has not changed. Every ad gives me either 0.005 or 0.010

So you are an old-timer! Nice. I’m a newbie myself (around 6 months). lol

Has the qty/ad changed much since you started? I seem to remember seeing older topics where the payout/ad was much, much higher for users who started in the early days. IMO a decrease in payout/ad would be consistent with an increase in the number of users participating in Rewards. Again, just no way to actually tell what is going on and how things are weighted without the actual formula.

Edit: Oh, some ads give even less than .01. I see .001 and .003 (and other amts) on some ads sometimes. No idea… don’t ask… who knows why! lol

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For me it has never changed. It has always been 0.010 max per ad, which in fairness was quite good when the price was over a dollar lol. Maybe it’s a UK thing though as different regions get different payouts.
Yeah it is true that they keep some things under wraps with good reason. I guess they can’t exactly opensource a payment method without it getting abused so that is fine by me.

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Oh that is interesting! Now I really wonder how it all shakes out! I’m wondering now if they accumulate by region, which would make sense. So, adding another variable to the equation. Uh-oh. lol

Hmmm, I think I saw something, somewhere about that… ugh. No way I’m going to be able to pull that up again! Does seem odd that the payout is the exact same amount now as when you started… wait, maybe not. Looking at historical data, you probably started participating in Rewards in either early 2021 or late 2021. Hey, you could be a newbie too! :laughing:

Seriously, I don’t think it is possible without a lot of pain and agony to get a better handle on how things work. It can be frustrating. However, it is what it is and I honestly don’t hold it against Brave for NOT providing more information. I’m not driving but I am definitely enjoying tagging along for the ride! Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

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There are several articles circulating with none that I found giving specific amounts of Bat earned/ad. Here is one article I found from 2020 where the person shows earning over 40 bat in a month.
I have had people in the past comment about making “much” more bat when it first launched compared to now. I distinctly remember 1 person stating they used to earn .6 bat per ad. Not sure if that is true, but is what was stated.


When I started using Brave, BAT price was around 1.60$, homepage ads gave 0.0025. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it doubled when went under 1.50$ (0.005), then again at 0.75$ (0.01). Some months ago price fluctuations over/under 0.75 make change rewards from day to day.

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I certainly remember 0.1 bat per ad. At the beginning of 2021. bat was around the same value as it is now. And now regular new tab pic ad is 0.01.
So you have 10x less bat amount per ad than back then.

Before there was .5 as well when I started using brave.


Thank you all for the information. This is good to know.

Yeah, you’re right. That’s the point. It clearly doesn’t follow a single formula.

I also remember this discussion that raised some references:

PS.: currently at:


@g00z Thanks for the links! Excellent resources that users should read if they want to know more about BAT/ad.

I really liked BAT rewards drop from 0.01 BAT/ad to 0.001 BAT/ad - #111 by jsecretan. The link in that post has a ton of useful information too (THEMIS: with links to even more useful information like ( THEMIS RFC&C: ( and every additional link has links to an overwhelming cascade of information sources. TBH I didn’t read a lot, there is an overwhelming amount of information and some of the articles were way over my head! lol

Anyone really interested (or concerned) about BAT/ad payouts would definitely benefit from reading those posts and taking a deep dive into THEMIS and what Brave is working on in the background. I have no idea where they are and what is or is not in place, but it is definitely a step in the right direction and will allay concerns both users and advertisers may have about payouts. An abundance of process charts and formulas provided too. lol

They just updated homepage ads to 0.025, nice.

Yeah, I was about to comment that.

This is the first time I see a 0.025 Sponsored Image.


Yup, first time ever I got two worth 0.025. Maybe they did listen lol

Yeah, I just noticed that as well. Nice!!