Can the Brave AdBlocker stop the Oracle tracking?

I am talking about this tracking, they’ve been tracking the entire internet for a while with quite everything possible.

Can you guys do something about it? It’s a really big problem when it comes to privacy :frowning:

I literately watched the same video just few seconds back. Quite funny.

I think they use scripts for tracking. Brave already blocks pretty much all analytics scripts in aggressive mode.

Brave also has its own paid VPN service which will obfuscate your IP.

1.) Block cookies while surfing and only allow trusted cookies on trusted sites
2.) Block javascript and only allow it on trusted site.
3.) Use IP proxies like VPN and Tor, both of them brave has.
4.) Brave has good fingerprinting defense. It randomizes your fingerprint with every session, new domain etc. So, oracle scripts will have a hard time linking two different sessions to the same individual.

This can be done only on browser. If you are using apps on your device, then that is not related to brave browser.

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Yes, we should be blocking it. Need some examples of oracle trackers to be sure. But if you install Java or other oracle software, that would get around many adblockers.

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