Can test a special case (Enterprise Level)



I have been keeping an eye on the progress of Brave for a while. Looking good.

If you are interested I am willing to test Brave against an Enterprise facility that is not readily available to the general public. I am willing to install & test “Beta” or earlier levels (before they hit the stable channel against an IBM HMC’s (Hardware Management Console) currently managing multiple IBM PSeries frames - mixture of Enterprise class (“E”) and scale out “S”. I currently do this for both Chrome (Canary) & Fire Fox (nightly).

My colleagues are not as “Brave” :laughing: as I am - they will rotate browsers to access the HMC Web GUI using stable levels - provided I have tested them on pre-stable levels.

NOTE: IBM kinds of leans towards FF as the recommended browser for HMC access.

Currently I use Win 7 Enterprise SP1 - 64 bit. Win 10 & Linux (Red hat derivative) in process.

Let me know if you are interested and if so how I can obtain builds (binaries - not source) before they hit the stable channel. I do not have time to fiddle around building from source - too overloaded as is.


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