Can’t withdraw BAT for some reason?

Hi guys I’m having an issue withdrawing BAT in pc(Linux) and android phone, I have around 12(pc) and 10(phone) sitting in my wallet but have no idea how to get it to my uphold, I thought I should just wait for monthly payout but It still never came over…

is there a way to get my BAT?

there max 4 device per uphold account and once you linked a device it will be permanent

I have only 2 devices, can you say where I can see count of registered devices in brave?

let me ask @JohnDproof on how to know the number for linked devices to your uphold and how to link your browser with your uphold account

and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:

I think that’s not possible, at least I don’t know how.

@yurasko when did you verified your wallets?

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I verified in 02.2021

and the Bat were never transfered? have you tried disconecting them and connecting them again? – someone here in the forum said that after the thrid time of doing that his Bat were transfered… –

Last transfer is 10 jun 2021

then the problem is just this month payment?

do this:

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