Can´t understand some things

Description of the issue:
My issue is that I’m getting adds on Windows and iOS but not a single one on macOs Catalina/high Sierra.
Am I the only one or has any one having the same issue?
another thing that I don’t understand is the -> Show sponsored images. I see a lot of them, usually every 3 or 4 blank tab but I never receive any BAT for them.

I’m not talking about the Brave Rewards not being credit on my uphold wallet. I’ll wait because I’m already waiting since July 5 or july 6, but that is an issue for another day.
Thank you

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Reproduces how often:
Since mid July/August

macOs :
Brave is up to date
[Version 1.13.86 Chromium: 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

windows :
Brave is up to date
Version 1.13.86 Chromium: 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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