Can’t sync desktop with my mobile

I can’t find the button ”Scan sync code” in Brave version 1.11.4 on my IPhone 5s
Programversion: 12.4.1

Have you tried visiting the app settings page?

You can find it by tapping on ‘…’ then tapping on ‘Settings’

This is what I see



It would appear that on your iPhone device, you have already joined a group, so there is no need to scan it again.

Are you attempting to add a third device?

Yes my mobile


Ok, if you have a third device then you will want to make sure that Brave is installed on that device and that you have started the Sync process.

On your iPhone which is already in the Sync group you can select ‘Surfplatta eller telefon’ and it will show a QR code you can scan with your third device.

Now I see what you mean. I had started a sync from two devices. Now I’ve fixed it. Thank you for your time.


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