Can’t restore the wallet after reinstall

Description of the issue: Can’t restore the local wallet after reinstall
How can this issue be reproduced? N/A

Hi Brave team so my browser won’t open upon turning on the PC (no recent update/changes made on Windows and it’s stuck on taskbar), unable to open it using alt tabbing/windows key + up button. Even ending task is a no go and finally a reinstall resolved it. Upon restoring the wallet with passphrase i get empty wallet then I figured wallet sync isn’t included on the list of sync data. finally thought it’s over for me as i don’t have uphold (had an issue with it before Uphold account blocked)

Would there be a chance BAT will be restored? Not sure how much BAT i have but if can recall about 160ish ads this month. Also already had a few tips sent to creator last month.

All the best, thanks!

Brave|1.15.75 Chromium: 86.0.4240.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)

please remove your wallet id from the post
it very sensitive info and have a nice day


Thank you, didn’t notice that one! Cheers!

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you welcome :slight_smile:

just notice it late friday so maybe you get your response on monday and have a nice day

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Thanks again! Yeah figured as long as I get a response that’d be awesome

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It’s almost 30 days and I’m bumping the thread to prevent closure, thanks!

I guess there’s no resolution on my issue, unfortunately. Bye my precious BATs

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