Can‘t open Whatsapp Web on brave

I have been using Whatsapp Web for a long time. I changed the number on my smartphone and since then I can no longer use Whatsapp in brave. It’s been over two months now, what can I do?

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This isn’t a bug for Brave, but I think this is an issue on Whatsapp’s end. When you transfer your data to a new phone number in WhatsApp (I’m assuming you did this after you changed your number), WhatsApp probably requires you to log in with your phone again to use it. However, it might not have logged you out automatically, which is why you don’t get the option to log in.

This WhatsApp help page shows you two ways you can log out.

After performing the first method, you should be able to log in again on the website, if not, try the other(s).

If that doesn’t work, or if you can’t access the option to log out on the website, you’ll need to remove the stored data from the website, for this do the following:

Go to on your Brave Browser
Look for a “tune” icon (“=” but with circles) or a :lock:icon in the address bar, and click on it
Open “site settings”
In the site settings for, select “Clear data”

This will remove cookies (which is what will probably fix the issue), but also other cached data (might not be necessary but would recommend).

Now, upon reloading the website, you should get the option to log in again.

Let me know if this helps.

It didn’t work. Brave does not have this function on my iPad. I uninstalled Brave and then reinstalled it. Then I reconnected Watsapp and now it works.

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