Can’t move tabs

Description of the issue:
Cannot rearrange tabs from left to right.

How can this issue be reproduced?
unable to reproduce on any other device

on this device:

  1. grab tab
  2. drag it to another tab
  3. release tab

Expected result:
tab moves

Brave Version:
Version 1.57 (

Mobile Device details
iPad air gen 4
no keyboard or other accessories attached

Additional Information:
I have a video but cannot upload it as I am a new user

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I have the same issue.

IPad Pro, 3rd Gen, iPad OS 17.0.1.

I can’t be sure but it started happening around the time of the upgrade to IOS 17

when you try and move the tab you need to make sure it only moves on the x axis. if the tab disconnects from the tab bar it doesn’t move.

move tabs in a straight line and don’t hold it to long before moving it.

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