Can’t get Brave Today to show up on my iPad version

New to Brave and some of the things I read in set up suggestions don’t seem to appear as options. One is Brave Today which I’m really excited about but it doesn’t show up when I open a new tab using “+”.

Hi @pharrigan7, Welcome to Community!
Can you go into your settings and let me know what version of Brave you’re using?

1.22.1 (

Can you go into Settings -> Features -> Brave Today
Is Brave Today enabled?

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It is. I’ve done everything I could find in on-line instructions.

Can you send a screenshot of your new tab page?

Here you go. Thinking from instructions Today should be down at the bottom? There’s nothing there and scrolling down isn’t possible.

Hey @pharrigan7,
Can you try sending the screenshot again? It looks like it didn’t send.
Also when you open a new tab page, do you see a circular loading icon near the bottom?

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