Can’t enter the Basic authentication site



I can’t enter the site where BASIC authentication is established. The authentication dialog is not displayed.

Is it rare for sites that have recently adopted BASIC authentication? I still have access to sites that use it.

iOS 11.2.6 / Brave 1.5.4


Hi, any specific site you have problems with or does it never work? I’m going to test it today and get back to you


I don’t know if it is a problem only for a specific server.
I can access it at least using Safari and iCab. I’m sorry, I can’t teach you the site I’m using.


Thanks for your report, did some testing and looks like all UIWebView(legacy web component) based browsers have problems with http authentication, while WKWebView(newer web componnet) browsers work fine.
That means we may not be able to fix it quickly. We plan to move to the newer web view but this can take some time, like months from now. You can track your issue here


iCab mobile of the same UIWebView can be used without problems.

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