Can’t access my wallet

Why i Can’t access my wallet
please help me

hello @MoktarHossainkhokan

many facing issue related to the connection to reward server so i think they working on it

have a nice day :slight_smile:

removce this post fast please it include you wallet id which is privaye and sensetive info to share

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Thanks for the help!

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Same problem here

Same problem… But August 6 is coming for the pending rewards. I hope all the ads I open these days are counted.

I hope so…let’s see what happens next!

Hi all - the team has just deployed a fix for this. Are any of you still experiencing?

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@steeven it work fine from my side here about 1 hour ago hope the other be fine also
thanks :slight_smile:

Still experiencing it

still the same…

Thanks… I can visit it now and the pending rewards are still there.

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