Can someone tell me where in my PC are those BATs?

Did they get lost or not?

It tells me it was deposited, but where?

last month it had gained 3.9 bat

@Evan123 Would you happen to know the answer on this? I remember there was something similar a while back where people couldn’t see their browser balance, instead just seeing the notification to log in to Uphold, much as we see here.

I know when Users went to brave://rewards-internals they would see the balance, but it should always been visible from Rewards.

Well, I had thought I remembered the name with Philippines, but I see now you’re in Argentina. I should have looked first. Just was originally asking to try to remember and think if it might play a role in this.

@MdqSilva could you kindly send me a DM with your wallet payment ID. You can find this by going to brave://rewards-internals


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