Can someone tell me how to transfer bat form gemini account to my bank account

i want to ask u guys who has gemini account that how to transfer the bat amount to my bank account. I dont know much about this. A help will be appreciated

You have to sell the BAT to turn it into whichever currency you have your wallet set to then you can withdraw it to your bank account which you should already have set up. Go into your wallet in Gemini…click on Portfolio…click on actions in the BAT entry…sell…choose how much…pretty easy and it should go smoothly. Once you have sold the BAT go into transfer on the top right hand of the screen next to account and then you can select how much of your currency you want to withdraw.

I’m guessing you’re from India. Because Gemini does not support Indian bank accounts, you must first send your BATs to Wazirx and then withdraw them to your bank account from there.

Correct, I should have asked if their bank was supported.

ohh i see thnx bro i will try it

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