Can someone send me a link where it shows Brave Revards's supported country's?

Or even type it,i dont care.I just wanna know if it is available in Serbia.I tried googling it but it just pops up with a site with some country’s but that was from like 2017.Thanks.And can i claim the money to my PayPal account?

Hi @Zurio,

See the Are Ads available in my region? section.

Also, PayPal is not supported. You’ll need to use an Uphold account if you wish to covert/transfer the BAT.

Hey man thanks it says Serbia has 2 active campaigns.Is that why i dont get ads?I had brave rewards for a good hour by this point and i got no ads.And how does it work.I get a notification by it?Bcs i never get brave notifications and idk why those notifications are on.Thanks

How long have you been using Brave?

Can you confirm you have rewards enabled?

And can you confirm how many Ads per hour you have it set to?

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