Can someone help me block an element on imdb?

I would like to remove the window that plays the trailer/video.

what are you trying to achieve exactly, you need to be more specific.

Do you want to remove the whole thing, only the div with the video and do what else? what do you want to do with it?
Cosmetics are not going to block the video, they only hide it, so the video will also play in the background, because cosmetics are cosmetics, so if the video had audio, you would hear it, and it will still play so it will consume resources even if you are not watching it, less resources but it will still consume them.

in that case, you would have to disable the “hero_video_autoplay” which can also be done with what is available.

you only need to add, hero_video_autoplay_disabled, true) at least that way the video will not play in the background.

for hiding the video it is not hard, you only do a> [data-testid="hero-media__slate"]) or> .video-preference + div[data-testid="hero-media__slate"]) or > div > div > div:has([data-testid="hero-media__slate"])

Then if you want to fix the position of the poster to be in the middle and reduce the size of the buttons of the images and all that > div > div:has(a[data-testid="hero__video-link"]):style(flex-flow: column !important; align-items: center !important;) > div > div > div:has(a[data-testid="hero__video-link"]):style(flex-direction: unset !important;)

as you can see I used the section.ipc-page-section--bp-xs to be more specific but I don’t know if that class will stay to that section and all that, so if something fails, you have to see what class is unique or add more classes for it. I just wanted to make it more simpler, by only adding 1 class.
Chromium native :has() is a little too primitive in somethings compared to Procedural one, but it works and it will be faster since it is native.

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Thank you very much. For some reason, loading the imdb page makes video playblack lag. I thought it might by the trailer playing so this helps.

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