Can someone explain how this happens? (Brave settings loss after Windows fault)

So today I turn on my Windows PC and it says “BIOS corrupt! Restoring from BIOS 2”. Which goes ok, and Windows boots. But the auto-restored BIOS version is an old one, so I software-restore the current version and reboot again. Now i get “Windows not genuine!” - I guess the qucik flip to an old BIOS and back caused it to trigger on too many hardware changes. After re-activating Windows, everything looks fine - except that Brave is wonky. It still has my bookmarks, but they’re 6 months out of date. And it doesn’t seem to have my saved passwords, and it has forgotten some settings. So I just deleted the whole Brave User Data folder and restored it from yesterday’s backup. No good - now the saved passwords are back, but not the up-to-date bookmarks. So I specifically copied over the bookmarks file under User Data\default from the backup, and that restored the bookmarks.

So why did Brave lose some, but not all of its data when the BIOS version changed and Windows suddenly decided that it needed re-activation? Surely it shouldn’t have been affected. Did it create a new profile for some reason?

And why did restoring the whole User Data folder not restore the bookmarks within that folder, requiring them to be restored specifically? I’m guessing that the default bookmarks file was restored initially with along the User Data folder, but then on the first subsequent run Brave decided that it should revert to a previous version for some reason. And then I was able to copy over it again successfully.

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