Can somebody tell me how do I convert BAT into ROY please?

I have like 10 BATs and I want to buy ROY with them…where can I trade and what are the fees?
ROY is the currency for cryptoroyale btw

That’s going to be very tough. BAT is on the Ethereum network and ROY is on Harmony Network. There would be an incredible amount of fees and costs to even try to do such a thing.

That said, let me see if more knowledgeable people like @Aman_M or @Chocoholic might be able to help you with more details. I say that as I don’t send or receive crypto often, so I don’t want to say something wrong.

Btw, if anyone not sure what’s being discussed, it’s

ROY seems to be only available in SushiSwap, apparently.
You need to convert BAT into another token that can be used in SushiSwap and transfer it to your wallet. However, you can only transfer if you have a verified Uphold or Gemini account connected to your rewards wallet.

But … you say that you have 10 BAT. It’s just about 3.8 USD. You will not be able to purchase anything with that value. You may even pay more than that in transfer fees.


@Liviu I am not sure where you can purchase or trade ROY (I didn’t find it on SushiSwap). But to sell or exchange BAT, as antonio said, you first would need to verify your Brave Rewards with Uphold or Gemini (Bitflyer in Japan) and then you can transact in BAT.

Unless ROY is available on a centralised exchange, on-chain swaps/trades with BAT will be a lot more costlier and would require additional Ethereum and ONE (ROY is on Harmony network-native currency ONE).

It’s available on as per . But viper exchange seems to have no liquidity for Ethereum tokens.

So best would be to Swap BAT for ONE (Harmony) using some other DEXs like SushiSwap which would require additional ETH & ONE. And then swap ONE to ROY on viper exchange (with small amount of ONE as fee).

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