Can put "" Feature's in to next brave update's + this extensions & Tweaks?


hi, Brave have 3Awesome and Unfortunately 3but…
1-Awesome browser.
2-Awesome Founder.
3-And Awesome Team. (trust me, i see yours community and efforts in Github, AMAZING)

People’s want Privacy & Security, they want 100%:
in the some test’s we have not good result like:
(DNS Leak :heavy_minus_sign: Fingerprint’s Like font fingerprint :heavy_minus_sign: Leak Location Time when use vpn :heavy_minus_sign: USER AGENT SWITCHER :heavy_minus_sign: Decentraleyes and… )
I know you are trying hard to improve thats problems but i want just ask can you put “” Feature’s in to brave update’s?

some extensions is so useful, when can’t access make trouble, like:
(Google Translate Pop-Up Or Mate Translation :heavy_plus_sign: Download Manager like IDM :heavy_plus_sign: Evernote :heavy_plus_sign: Multi-Account Containers)

security & privacy is always been change and need tools to config, look this site which some Tweaks make better browser:
:eight_spoked_asterisk: The ultimate Online Privacy Test Resource List…

in the end, Thanks A lot for your great propose and efforts.
May the Force be with you:wink: :pray:

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