Can other apps with/without storage permission view my bookmarks and passwords in Brave browser?

Started using brave on android recently and it little feels like google chrome. Just wondering where are bookmarks and passwords of Brave browser stored? Is it accessible by others apps with storage permission or maybe other apps can access without storage permission?

Not quite sure. But logically doesn’t seem that other apps can access that. Not sure.
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@Chocoholic please help! Thank you! :slight_smile:

@newbrav Interesting question. Most of the app-data (bookmarks, passwords, etc.) isn’t directly visible to users unless the phone is rooted. And this is for any other app, not just Brave.

About access to files, I would say it depends on the app. Ideally, an app without storage permission, shouldn’t be allowed to access your files. But on Android, there are many reports of malicious apps that can do so without storage permission. And with storage permission, any app can access files on the device. A good app won’t go out of it’s domain, still.

For passwords, I would say they are stored in a file but remain encrypted so even if an app could access your passwords file, it won’t be able to decipher it unless it has device’s password.

Bookmarks, however, are not encrypted, I think. So they would be directly visible to any app that can access it.

I would also like to know more if anyone has an insight. Welcome to Brave. :v: