Can only claim rewards on 1 device?

I use brave on 2 desktops and a phone. My uphold wallet is verified on the 2 desktops but not the phone due to the 20 BAT requirement to verify on mobile (which makes no sense).

This month I have opened my phone and claimed the rewards that were showing however after doing this I can no longer claim the pending rewards on my desktops, it says I have to wait until next month.

This can’t be by design surely, you can only claim on 1 device even when it’s not linked to uphold?? I have sync set up for some items but did not agree for rewards to be synced, this is rather concerning.

Rewards was the feature which pushed me towards trying Brave if it doesn’t work properly I’ll have to change browser again…

Hi @fakey, payout is in process right now, so many are experiencing these discrepencies. Once it finshes, it should be okay, but if you’re still having this issue after the process completes, you can follow the second half of this post’s directions:

Read this and make sure everything is okay on your end, from the first half. Keep an eye on it for any updates posted by Support. I believe when the icon changes to red, the process is complete - it can take several days for all to process, so you’ll have to try to be patient till then.
I’m in the same position as you, currently: I claimed on my Android all right, but am waiting for my desktop to catch up, I guess.