Can one change the email client Brave uses for mailto:?

This question was asked in May last year but never answered.

This depends on the system settings, Brave can only do what the OS tells it to do.
So depending on your OS, you have to get a program and make sure it is associated with the mailto protocol.

There are some websites like Outlook, they have this brave://settings/handlers if you make Outlook the default, any email opened inside Brave will open in Outlook, not in a desktop app or anything, but that’s it, the email website has to support that which I only have ever seen inside Outlook, but that also means you could associate mailto to Brave since Brave supports mailto protocol and get emails opened inside Brave, so that’s the only thing Brave can do.

Anything else is about the System and where mailto is setup inside your app or program you installed or if it is like Windows, you have to go to Settings → Apps → Default Apps → and from there usually you find the app and make the association with mailto or go to link type and find mailto and do the same, for android you can always set up the default mail option in settings, so it is similar process.

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