Can not verify with uphold error

After I auth with uphold wallet. I have an issue

Your request is still being processed, please wait. Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again.

Can help me with what happened? Please.


@steeven @Mattches
Please help me!

me too when i connect my uphold wallet with brave browser ads wallet it show same with you !

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I’m not alone. Follow this topic :grinning:

where are you from ?

I from Viet Name and you?

Hi @Asta-DK, please reach out to Uphold support.

I reach to Uphold support. They ask me about this issue due to brave.

Thanks for getting in touch with Uphold. We’re proud to be a partner of Brave and will be glad to assist. For this kind of issue, it’s best to contact Brave directly.

How can I check the issue due to who?

I also have this same issue.

I have used Brave over a year.

My wallet is verified on two other machines, when I got a new laptop and installed Brave - I get this same verify wallet error.

I don’t know if it’s Uphold or Brave, but it works for me on my other macOS and Debian laptops.

My new lap top is a Lenovo thinkpad using ubuntu 20.04.

Using Brave V1.19.88 (Jan 28, 2021)

This is the error I get:


I’m in Asia, but have a VPN and set the location to the USA - same issue.

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i have the same issue just today, i have reinstalled my OS because i have upgraded my laptop so had to reinstall brave and rewards. i have been using brave and enjoyed the rewards for more than a year. My verified uphold failed to connect. i hope this will be resolved soon.

same exact issue. same url

I have same issue. Found solution yet?


faceing the same issue

same here. hope to fix the issue? i’ve done updated my brave to Version 1.20.103

any update on this issue?

its ok now you can check it

cool, tks for update

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