Can not verify wallet on Nightly browser

I have on my phone two browser , Nightly and Brave Browser. On Brave is wallet verify but on nightly I can. I have enough bats to register wallet …
This is what I get?
What should I do?!


It was wark untill today ,my wallet was verify ,now I can so ,drom This Is I living … Please help

I got also this

Is this problem with phone or Uphold?

how many devices you link with uphold
maximum 4 devices limit

Two on on linux ,and two on phone…
Its strange that couple weeks everything was ok.,…
Thanks , so now what to doo

I disconnect two on my Pc that I dont use.,but still I have problkem ro register wallet on Nightly… it was warking last week and now I can’t verify it …i habe more that 100ads :frowning:

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