Can not open emails at


Had to use Mozilla to access my email just so I could "confirm email’ so that I could alert you to the problem that I can’t check my email.


It turns out that it is Mail.coms fault. Emails cannot be opened unless the “allow all cookies” option is chosen under Brave’s preferences/sheilds.


It turns out that it is Mail.coms fault
It turns out your mistake.


It turns out that I tried to use the browser with the settings it came with and had to try different changes, going in and out of my email each time, until it finally worked.



This is the same as the issues that have been reported for (Germany) and - they use the same platform as

Have you used the latest version of Brave though? In the current version I can’t reproduce the problem - I have 3rd party cookies blocked and it works fine for me now.

The relevant bug report on github is here:


Thanks for the reply “itsBehindyou.” I Just found Brave about a month ago and check for updates often.

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I am looking for a non-disposable (needs to reliably work) email for a few small things. It needs to not require a phone or reference email to sign up, be from a legit provider that isn’t going to disappear in a month, and not have suspicious “spam filtering” features that push you to buy a paid version (e.g. yandex… It doesn’t need to be super secure (encryption, etc), but I’d prefer if my inbox wasn’t essentially public information (i.e. Gmail). Any info on “mail.” would it be just like Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, etc with the full email scanning, archiving, and machine learning, or is it less invasive?



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