Can not Link/sign back into Gemini Wallet

My Gemini used to be logged into brave but now its signed out. Every time I try to log into my gemini wallet it tells me it needs to be verified. But my Gemini is verified. So i am unsure why i can not sign back into it on brave.

Same problem, keep telling me to verify my Gemini ID

Which platform are you using?? Desktop, Android or iOS??

i have the same problem

i’m using brave desktop

i use the desktop version

Have you checked your Gemini account status?? Is it showing any discrepancy?? Also have you tried to contact Gemini support??

Same! My Gemini linked account in Brave Rewards automatically logged out. I tried signing in but I keep receiving same error : “Your request is still being processed, please wait.
Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again.”

Take note: My Gemini account is verified. I don’t know if the problem is on Gemini or Brave

Upon contacting gemini support, must report it to brave instead. but still no clear update or resolution. So almost cant withdraw due to that error

Are using a computer or mobile device??

Was the problem resolved?

Go to menu “about Brave” and update your browser version. Now is V1.37.116 (Apr 14, 2022)

A lot of users who are in regions no longer supported by Brave ads (including Vietnam and the Philippines) are disconnected and cannot reconnect. The above message usually displays if that is the case. It can also display for other reasons but living in a non-supported region is a frequent one.

You can check if you are in a supported region using the link below. The list is at the bottom of the page.

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