Can not copy and paste on google maps

  1. Since last update, browser will not allow me to Paste a Copy into the Search Bar on Google Maps.

  2. Will not allow PRIME Video to play.

Please email or let me know how to fix this. Thank You and Have a Blessed Day!!


I believe that copy paste is a known issue and be fixed in 0.14.1 hotfix :+1: Issue can be tracked here:

I would guess that the hotfix will be out in a couple of days so be sure to tell if the hotfix worked :wink:

As for prime video not playing: :wink:
Can you try disabling the shields (Clicking the orange lion in the top right of the browser :lion:) This might work as a temporary fix and if it doesn’t work then @luke.mulks might be the one to fix it :+1::ok_hand: But also if it does work he could probably do some digging :hugs: Any thoughts? @luke.mulks


Also what operating system are you on? :wink:
I would guess that you are on 0.14.0 but can you confirm this just to be sure? :ok_hand::wink: @JOS


Good Day and Thank You for the quick Reply!! First: LOVE THE BROWSER!!! GREAT SERVICE THAT YALL PROVIDE!!! We understand that it will take time to work out the kinks.

I use Brave on my Mac and Iphone. I will disable the Shield like you stated and see what happens. Also 10-4 on the upcoming Update.

One other thing that is happening I forgot to mention and may be solved with the update is the following:

  1. When in GMail and typing a reply or new email to send out, if I see a typo in the email and click on to delete, if acts like I am trying to highlight the word. Then when I delete, when I try to retype, it deletes the sentence moving forward. So I have to retype the whole sentence.

Thank You Again!!!

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