Can not close tab, Open in new tab not working



I installed Brave Browser just after installed fresh Windows 10 and noticed some bugs.

Some tabs can not be closed or accessed at all.
Also, sometimes when I Right click on the link and click Open in new tab, it’s not working (sometimes blank tab open, sometimes nothing happend). This happend very offen.

I do not if this is bug or not: but when I open developer console (Inspect element) and try to open link from the source, it’s not working. In fact, I could not right click at all. Console is like read-only.


Found few more bugs.
Youtube video play for 15-20 seconds than it start loading. I have no problem with internet connection. When I change video quality, video continue to load, than again stops after 15-20 seconds (and I again switch back video quality). Basically, browser for some reason stop loading video and continue to load when I change quality (like refresh).
Again tested links to Open in new tab. It mostly does not work and usually opens blank page or nothing.

Selecting text sometimes not working (I need to stop mouse cursor, wait 0.1-0.5 seconds and then select text).
Video demonstration:

When I play some video (HTML5) there is no “Show controls” option which almost all browser have.

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