Can Instagram be used privately using Brave?

Can Instagram be used without meta learning everything about you, if using Brave? I dislike meta immensely but would like to be able to use an Instagram account without having adverse affects to my privacy.

Depends on what you mean. Since Meta owns Instagram, they obviously will have all the information in your profile and they will see your activity while on their site. So whatever you do on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Threads, or anything they own will obviously be seen by them.

However, if you’re asking if they would be able to track you across other websites, that answer is generally no so long as you’re using Shields and are blocking cross-site trackers.


The reason I said “generally” and am not speaking more definitively is because there are always other factors at play. For example, if you’re not reading the Privacy Policy of a lot of places you are going, you may be unaware that some flat out tell you they are providing your information to businesses like Meta. In that type of situation, no browser/app/program would be able to prevent that “violation” of your privacy.

This type of scenario might come if they have some agreement in order to offer some features or something. Still though, it will be very limited if you’re using Shields and they would only be providing details that they directly collect. This isn’t just in information you provide in accounts, it also can be your IP address.

Second Note
Speaking of IP address, some websites will collect and use that and report to a central database, such as to Meta. They can use this also to track your activity and/or searches even if you are blocking trackers and all.

So if you’re sincerely worried about being tracked or anything, you will want to make sure to always use a good proxy or VPN. Examples of that within Brave could be Brave with Tor functionality that exists in Desktop or Brave Firewall + VPN which is available on all devices.

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