Can I withdraw bitcoin from my Brave Wallet


Is there a fair and reasonable way for me to withdraw some of the not yet spent funds I put in my Brave Wallet?


at present, the wallets are uni-directional. the issue comes down to KYC/AML (know your customer/anti-money laundering).

in the present system, publishers have to identify themselves and indicate their tax filling status – they get value out of the system. we don’t require that of browsers, but it’s mean to be unidirectional.

one thing to keep in mind is that we (brave software) aren’t able to sign transactions from a brave browser wallet … only the browse can do that; however, if a “really terrible mistake” is made, then after some back-and-forth emails which – of necessity – must disclose the browser’s secret key to us, we can reverse the transaction from an external wallet to a brave browser wallet. the process is manual, and we’ve never had to do it…


So, I suppose, as someone who happens to be a verified Brave publisher as well as an ordinary Brave browser user with payments enabled, I could drain all funds from my Brave wallet within a month, by cranking up my Brave donations to whatever is in my wallet, and visiting one of my own verified sites exclusively for a month. Then more or less my entire Wallet would get paid to my own website.

However, this would not apply to most Brave browser users, since (I presume) most Brave browser users are not also verified publishers.


the ledger server enforces a maximum as to how much can be used for a contribution. it is possible, of course, to try to “game the system”, but network fees make it a losing proposition…

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