Can I verify MetaMask?

In Brave Rewards add the MetaMask wallet, how can I verify it so that I can give and receive tips along with the Brave earnings? or do I need to add uphold? THANK YOU!!! :smiley: :sparkling_heart: :hugs:

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Even before you start sweeting hard , you were supposed to have opened your Uphold account to facilitate your work!

Hello Vitalis

Excuse me for the delay in answering. Sorry!

I have a Uphold account, but I had been informed that I could link the Metamask wallet which is the one I work with the most, using Uphold only to receive BAT does not seem practical to me.

But if there is no other solution I will have to link it back to Uphold.

I appreciate the answer, I’ll see what I do.

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Uphold is genuine as far as I know and you keep down all your details like password and your email; it will be easier to be assisted when you come across a problem and too much accounts end up confusing you the owner.

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