Can i use same email from first to second desktop

can i use same email from first to second desktop

Can you elaborate more?

Can i use same email address from first browser installed on desktop to second desktop to earn more

I can be wrong; but I think you want to connect one uphold account to multiple devices to earn more tokens.
If that is what you want, then the answer is yes, you can certainly do that. But I think there is a limitation to that. Maximum of 3 devices according to my knowledge.

@hansbaylon33 still not sure what you trying to do. I’m not entirely sure about your question. :sweat_smile:

@eljuno I think what he was asking was if he can use the same account he had already used, to another device,( 1 gmail acc. to 2 device)…1 same browser account to 2device😓.

:joy::joy:… more confusing… hahaha

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