Can I use my reflink for the smartphone of my wife and my daughter


I wanted to know if is allowed to use my referral link of creator to install Brave browser at the smartphone of my wife and my daughters.


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Hi, I think yes, because it does not break the rules, since you just install the browser to another person. There is nothing like that. But it is not exactly

Thanks for the answer but I need answer from someone from the staff. We can do speculations about this but only someone from the staff can know for sure what needed to do.

You can wait and the staff will answer you

As long as its real persons no problem … They need kyc to withdrew from uphold anyways

They need kyc but the money are earned from me too because of the use of my reflink. Someone from staff answer please.

Hi @rolak,

Yeah, that shouldn’t be a problem. The referral link is meant to be shared.

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